Fund raising for Wessex Cancer Office, Chandlers Ford

My name is Malcolm Calvert and in October 2014 I was diagnosed with Bowel Cancer. As you can imagine this came as a tremendous shock. The consultants and the nursing staff at Winchester Hospital were very professional and very sensitive in the way they broke the news and informed me of my options. After extensive surgery and chemotherapy and then further surgery, I managed to survive mostly unscathed, or so I thought. Unfortunately, in March 2016, I developed Lymphodaema in my legs. This somewhat changed my lifestyle but it also introduced me to the Wessex Cancer Centre in Chandlers Ford. I started a course of reflexology treatments there, free to all recoverers and their partners. There are other therapies available at the Centre, including Counselling. Anyone is welcome to call in for a cup of tea and a chat with one of the volunteers.

I am a Tai Chi and Chi Kung Instructor and one of my classes decided to start coffee mornings after their weekly class in Olivers Battery. It occurred to me that, as I had been advised to lose weight, I could use the opportunity to raise money for the Centre. I felt it was time I gave something back to thank them for their support, and for the therapies I received during my recovery. I approached the Centre fundraising staff who were delighted and gave me some sponsor forms and other details. When I started asking my students to sponsor me the Olivers Battery class said that they would like to donate their weekly coffee money collections. This coffee group consists of about 8 regulars with occasional others. They started collecting in January 2017 and so far have raised over £400. Well done, ladies, and long may it continue!

In August 2017 Charlotte joined us for a class at Olivers Battery and for coffee afterwards to thank them all for their generous donations. She also explained how their money would be used and that the Centre needed to raise funds continually to enable it to offer services to sufferers and their partners. I finished my sponsored diet and managed to raise £500. I would like to thank all the students and friends who parted with money for such a great cause.

Malcolm Calvert
Tai Chi 4 Health and Wellbeing

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