Tai Chi and Chi Kung


Daytime and evening classes available in the Southampton and Winchester area



Daytime and evening classes available


Daytime Classes


Seated Classes

For people with limited mobility



2-4 hour sessions on specific topics, e.g. Tai Chi martial applications, Tai Chi Sword, Chi Kung, Tai chi for golfers


Chi Kung (Qigong)

Drop in classes available. Chi Kung is particularly suitable for the elderly and people with limited mobility. Chi Kung opens the meridians and stimulates specific acupoints to improve the flow of energy around the body. Contact us for details.


Over 50's Yoga

We have a new over 50's Yoga Class on Wednesdays at 3.15 -4.15pm at Better Living, CHurch Street, Shirley, Southampton. contact CHris on 07879853370 or Contact us for details.


Jin Shin Jyutsu

Jin Shin Jyutsu is an art which helps to harmonise the body’s energy. Based on traditional Chinese medical theory, it is a way of releasing the energy blockages which cause ill-health. It is a gentle and subtle art which works on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels. Through a 1 day ‘Self-Help’ class you can learn simple ways to balance the body’s energy. Three separate Self-Help classes are available with accompanying handouts.


Individual one hour treatment sessions are available. Clients are always given appropriate self-help to continue working on themselves. Contact us to book a treatment session or a Self-Help class.