Tai Chi and Chi Kung

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Chi Kung (Qigong)

Chi Kung is particularly suitable for the elderly and people with limited mobility. Chi Kung opens the meridians and stimulates specific acupoints to improve the flow of energy around the body. Contact us for details.


Over 50's Yoga

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Indonesian Yoga


    Silat Sandhi Murti is a unique and rare form of Yoga that originates from the Hindu Indonesian island of Bali.This healing art combines influences from Indian Yoga, Chinese Qigong (Chi Kung) and the ancient culture of the Indonesian archipelago.

      SSM Yoga uses breathwork, gentle stretching, meditation, visualisation, and sequences of movements (called 'Jurus') to promote improved physical health/well-being,' mental relaxation and ultimately spiritual development. The system consists of exercises performed lying down, seated, and standing. Included are a sequence of 5  exercises which are designed to cleanse and strengthen the internal organs ( kidneys, liver, heart, spleen and lungs).
      The lying, seated and standing exercises have similar benefits to Hatha yoga, Qigong and meditation. The Jurus are comparable to the Forms practised in Tai Chi. Like the Tai Chi Form(s), the Jurus of SSM Yoga improve strength, flexibility, co-ordination and balance.
       This art is believed to develop the internal energy or life force. In China this energy is known as 'Chi' and in India as 'Prana'. In Indonesia it is referred to as 'Tenaga Dalam'  (Inner Power or Inner Force). The development of this energy is traditionally believed to lead not only to good physical health but to spiritual enlightenment.
       Although  SSM Indonesian yoga is starting to spread throughout the world, it remains a very scarce art in this country. At present I am the only instructor qualified to teach it with the express permission (and support) of the Head Quarters in Denpasar, Bali Island.