Our Team

Tai Chi 4 Health and Wellbeing is a team of highly trained, competent and friendly professionals. We are all registered as advanced instructors with the Tai Chi Union for Great Britain. Check us out:

Malcolm Calvert


Malcolm is an advanced  instructor with the Tai Chi Union for Great Britain and has studied Tai Chi and Chi Kung for over 35 years. He trained in Southampton with Sifu They Soon Tuan, founder of Wutan UK and after 10 years training was invited to become an instructor. He has also trained with Professor Li DeYin of Beijing and Master Faye Yip.


Specialising in classes for the over 50's, he has built up a steady flow of classes for all abilities and ages. Malcolm has recently become a listed speaker with the W.I. Hampshire but also gives talks and demonstrations for Club Hampshire, U3A, the Rotary Club, carers' groups, disabled groups, Breathe Easy Southampton and many other specialist clubs.


Malcolm has controlled his own asthma condition entirely with Tai Chi and Qigong for the past 35 years. He is currently training in Shibashi with Fabrice Piche. 

Keith Sharp


Keith is an Honorary President of the Tai Chi and Qi Gong Union for Great Britain and is registered as an advanced instructor. He is a registered instructor in the Taiji Kung Fu Fan routine and Yi Jin Jing Qigong.


Keith took up Tai Chi in the 1990’s when working in Saudi Arabia. On returning to the UK he joined Wutan UK in Southampton where he studied the Yang style short form and some weapons systems for 8 years. Keith recognised the many health benefits of Tai Chi and Chi Kung and started teaching adults in local colleges, obtaining a teaching certificate along the way.


Keith has worked with Social Services and a local Primary Care Trust to run classes for the over 50’s. He has also run stress relief programmes for corporate clients and provided classes for passengers on cruise liners. He runs a mainstream progressive programme in Romsey and over 50’s classes in the Southampton area. He is available for presentations to groups such as retirement fellowships and schools. Keith would be pleased to hear from anyone who wishes to embark on a system of mind, body and spirit exercises to enhance their well-being in their later years.


Chris Dyson


Chris has studied Tai Chi since 1984 under the guidance of Sifu They Soon Tuan, founder of Wutan UK. After several years of regular practice Chris began his teaching apprenticeship in the traditional manner, assisting at his teacher’s class. He has taught his own classes for the last 30 years.


Chris has added to his knowledge by learning modern Combined Style and traditional Sun style from world-renowned teacher Professor Li De Yin of Beijing. In 1999 Chris had the great fortune to become a disciple of Chen Style Tai Chi Master Wu Song Fua, who had been a disciple of the legendary Grandmaster Liu Yun Chiao. Chris shares the benefits he's received from these eminent teachers with his students. 


Glenda Davies


Glenda is registered as an advanced instructor with the Tai Chi Union for Great Britain. She started training in Tai Chi and Chi Kung in 1996 with Sifu They Soon Tuan in Southampton and was invited to start teaching in 2005. Having developed an interest in the health benefits of these arts, Glenda has trained in Jin Shin Jyutsu since 2001 and with the Healing Trust, which both complement Tai chi and Chi Kung in taking care of her own health. Glenda is available for talks and demonstrations on all these topics.