Tai Chi 4 Health and Wellbeing

Welcome to Tai Chi 4 Health and Wellbeing.  Based in Eastleigh, Hampshire, we provide classes for all ages and abilities, both daytime and evenings. We are all registered as advanced instructors with The Tai Chi Union for Great Britain and are fully insured.


We offer a range of classes, from traditional Tai Chi Chuan to classes customised for individual needs or group needs.



BrendonCare seated class demonstration in Winchester

Who we are


For several years our instructors at Tai Chi 4 Health and Wellbeing have been providing friendly, personal attention to our clients, helping them stay active and healthy. We are here to help you reach your personal health goals.



What we do


We offer traditional Tai Chi Chuan classes and Tai Chi-Chi Kung classes for health and wellbeing. Classes can be customised for specific groups, such as those suffering from Parkinson's Disease, Arthritis, Asthma and other chronic and debilitating conditions. We also offer specialised classes for the elderly, wheelchair users, the blind and partially-sighted. We collaborate with other organisations which provide activities for the elderly and we have regular sessions at various care homes.


Tai Chi class at North Baddesley